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Profispeed product range

  • The resolution of the 5axis is 0.1 µm or 0.5 µ
  • The repeatability accuracy (positioning accuracy) is within +/- 2 µm.
  • The massive steel welded construction is exceptionally rigid. In contrast to the traditional cast construction mostly used, it makes bending or twisting of the components, particularly of the base plate, impossible.
  • Extremely precise, 42 mm rail guiding systems of accuracy class P6 are exclusively used.
    The load-carrying capacity of the rail guides is 2 tons per wagon. This ensures that the stated accuracy is maintained even under extreme loading of the machine.
  • The guiding systems are measured at all levels by an autocollimator system.
  • The guiding systems are protected against soiling by positive pressure ventilation.
  • A laser interferometer and quick check system provide proof of the accuracy.
  • Polished ball thread drives of 32 mm diameter are exclusively used.
    This diameter of 32 mm, in combination with the rail guides used and the massive welded steel construction, allows an extremely high loading of the machine, as it gives the machine a rigidity of > 100 N/µm.- The machines can be driven at a speed of up to 30 m/min in both rapid mode and feed mode, control dependent.
  • High frequency spindles are standard. Spindle performances of up to, e.g. 22 KW can be realized. Spindles of all well-known manufacturers can be adapted without difficulty.
  • Machine and control box are dust protected and splashproof acc. to IP 54.
  • The CE Standard which has been in force since 01.01.96 is complied with.
  • Slideway protectors (bellow-type) are used for complete coverage of guide tracks and ball thread rails.
  • The inside of the machine is protected from dust by the generation of positive pressure.
  • Regarding technology, all control and drive components are state-of-the-art technology.
  • The machines can be supplied in various versions to choice, equipped either with groups of threaded holes, with T-slots, or with vacuum.
  • The machines are supplied complete with a safety casing.
  • With respect to the application of the machines, there is no limit to the work pieces. Plastics, copper, graphite and up to tempered tool steel with HRC 64 or V2A can be processed without any problems.
  • For automation, we offer retrofittable tool changing systems with automatic measurement of tool length.
  • Surface scanning, edge feelers, suction installations etc. are available as options.
  • Data processing in spline format is possible, according to the type of control.
PASO precision milling and engrave systems and HSC

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