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Development and design of our products

A wide range of spindles is available from selected high quality European manufacturers. Typical spindle options are capable of 25000, 36000 and 42000rpm using taper size HSK50 and HSK40.
A very competitively priced HSC 400 model with a 40000rpm HSK32 spindle is ideal for lighter applications including smaller electrodes and hardened insert tooling. Higher spindle speeds up to 80000rpm are available if required.

Rigid machine design and high build quality enable PASO machines to achieve outstanding positioning accuracy of ±4m with ±2m repeatability (VDI 3441 standard), making the machine ideal not only for mould & die work but also for super precision electrodes and intricate precision engineered components.
PASO HSC machines are capable of running 3D feed rates up to 30m/min and acceleration/deceleration rates of up to 2g (20m/sec2).

The HSC range is ideal for machining both hard and soft steel mould and die tooling. An adjustable oil spray system is included as standard for cutter lubrication as well as programmable air blast for dry cooling to cater for both coated and uncoated tools.
PASO machines are well suited for machining dusty materials such as carbon fibre and graphite, other non-metallic materials like plastics, acrylics and glass and the full range of prototype, model and pattern making materials. All PASO models are available with a choice of several high performance CNC controls.

  PASO Herzberg PASO building in
Herzberg / Harz

Our Corporate Identity

PASO Präzisionsmaschinenbau GmbH was founded in Bad Lauterberg, Germany, in October 1995 with the name Profigrav Maschinenbau GmbH.
Since then the company has concentrated on competence in innovative HSC technology and precision mechanical engineering. When changing to the new corporate name PASO we still increased our efforts to meet the challenge of highest precision and best quality for our products.

After continuous development of production and turnover, the company moved to Herzberg in April 2000 to larger premises which allow for extension if necessary. All the members of the company are experts in precision mechanical engineering, control and drive techniques. During the last years PASO have developed a comprehensive range of machines and tools to suit the users requirement.

We offer a service of comprehensive technological support with the ability to cover diverse tasks and complex machining operations. PASO's aim is to penetrate the market place with products that excel in precision, quality and reliability. The range includes CNC Precision Engraving Machines and CNC Milling Machines along with HSC Milling Machines of 3 or 5 axes.

PASO also upgrade older engraving machines to improve productivity whilst retaining existing program capabilities by the installation of new software and control configurations. This means an increase of productivity by up to 200%.

PASO precision milling and engrave systems and HSC

PASO Präzisionsmaschinenbau GmbH, Boschstraße 6, D-37412 Herzberg am Harz
Phone:  +49 - 5521 - 8516-0      eMail:

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